With the growth of the World Wide Web, Aartvark Communications Inc. is now offering web development services. We bring with us the same communications ideals used in our advertising and graphic design services. Through helping you to plan an Internet strategy, we are able to better focus your efforts when it comes to your website. By asking the right questions we are able to define your goals and through working together with you are able to produce a developmental plan. In this plan we would outline what is needed on your site and how best to implement this. After this has been decided we would begin the design process.

The design process would depend on your site requirements and would be specifically designed to ensure site goals can be met. Here the designer works closely with planner's writers and programmers to help him/her make the best design decisions. The designer takes an active role participating in all levels of the development, planning designing & programming. This ensures that the highest possible quality of design is implemented. Communications goals and functional goals are met. The end result is a happy client.