In a corporation often it is hard to keep consistency in communication from one department to the next. Each department has their own tasks and set of rules. It is for this fundamental reason that many companies have a difficult time portraying a unified corporate Image. They are talking with different companies to provide different services. The website is being produced by one department, another is handling the annual report, yet a third department is overseeing advertising components and each is using a different creative team. The end result is a fragmented identity sending mixed messages to the public.

Aartvark has the capability to pull these piece together. We are well versed in the following areas and are able to provide creative strategies which will ensure that you are sending a strong unified message.

Corporate identities
Website development
Advertising services
Brochures & annual reports
Packaging design
Other high-end graphic design services.

Through diligently working together with our clients we take the time needed to properly map out necessary tasks to complete a project. We then assign responsibilities and identify potential hurtles. Through this Identification process we are able to work more efficiently and avoid obstacles along the way. This ensures that the project is heading in the right direction, on time and on budget.

Please ask us how we would handle your next project.