The first step is to develop a campaign Strategy. A campaign strategy helps to identify advertising goals. What are we trying to achieve? How can we achieve our goal? Is our goal realistic? Who can we work with to tap into valuable information to plan our strategy? What competitors if any have done what we are trying to achieve? What did they do? Was it effective? How can we do it better? These are only a few of the questions we would ask in order to develop an effective campaign strategy. After the strategy has been developed we would need to design the communication. This is where the communications design team takes over.

A well-designed communication begins with a creative concept. Aartvark will ensure that the time is taken to develop a clear, attention getting creative concept. Working together with our planners, we will ask the appropriate questions. What should the communication say? How should it be said? To whom should it speak? What types of graphics are needed? What type of medium is appropriate? After we have answered these important questions and others, our team we will work together to ensure campaign goals are met. A design strategy is developed, which outlines a process to ensure the communication be carried out successfully. The Designer, writer and campaign planner shares responsibility. Through shared responsibility the correct message is able to reach the right people at the right time, this is the key to successful communication.